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ISBN: 9781785786990
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'Dr Cullen provides the reader with a wealth of knowledge, highly perceptive insights and practical strategies in a clear well-written book that will be very useful for both parents and teenagers to read and use. Highly recommended.' - Tim Francis, HCPC registered Practitioner Psychologist (Educational)
An original, theoretically informed way of thinking about, understanding and actually living with teenagers
Complex, exciting and often turbulent, every teenage experience is different, and growth, development and learning are intrinsic to these years. This book is for anyone who cares about a teenager's wellbeing, development and learning.
Experienced professional educational psychologist Kairen Cullen, parent of four adult children, draws upon a wealth of experience as she looks at the areas of particular challenge in the teenage years, and the different psychological theories and approaches that can be used to address them.
Full of case studies, practical tips and exercises, this guide focuses on the three major issues prevalent in teenage years: achievement, belonging and control, and the behaviours that fall within these categories. Underpinning everything with educational psychology literature and psychology theory in general, Dr Kairen Cullen expertly explains how the reader can develop and improve their relationships with teenagers.