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Recipes To Live For: A Tannie Maria Cookbook (Paperback)

by Sally Andrew
ISBN: 9781485901556
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Tannie Maria, everyone’s favourite amateur detective and agony aunt, has finally heeded the call of her fans countrywide to produce her very first cookbook. Recipes to Die Live For features recipes from Sally Andrews’ first four murder mystery novels, as well as some tantalising new additions.

Spiced with enjoyable sayings from the four novels, as well as letters written to ‘Tannie Maria’s Love Advice and Recipe Column’, and seasoned with photographs of the food and the beautiful Karoo, Recipes to Die Live For is as warm and witty as Tannie Maria herself, guaranteed to delight fans and newcomers to the series.

Many of the dishes are slow foods and traditional South African recipes, but there are also quick meals and new inventions, from nachos to spekboom ice cream. Whether you are craving a Karoo lamb pie or a vetkoek with mince, or are lus for a melktert or koeksister, you will find it among Tannie Maria’s gastronomic delights.