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Red Riding Hood: A Storyteller Book

by Lesley Young
ISBN: 9781843229094
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In this charming storybook, the tale of Red Riding Hood and the crafty wolf is superbly retold for young readers. Children will be thrilled by the adventures of the helpful heroine as she travels through the woods to her grandmother's cottage, stalked by the hungry wolf. The sweet character of Red Riding Hood, the rustic beauty of the farm and forest, and the drama of the chase are all brilliantly captured in fresh and appealing illustrations by Jenny Williams. It is perfect for reading aloud to small children, or for more confident readers to enjoy by themselves. Red Riding Hood sets off into the woods one day to take some cakes to her sick grandmother. On the way, she stops at the dairy for butter, at the miller for bread, and at the farmyard for eggs. However, a wily wolf reaches the grandmother's house first and hides in bed waiting for the little girl to arrive. Will Red Riding Hood notice what big eyes he has, what a long nose he has, what big ears he has, and what large teeth he has...? This timeless story is retold for a new generation in this engaging book, with delightful illustrations throughout.