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Red Tide (Paperback)

by Irma Venter
ISBN: 9780624093244
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Original price R 320.00
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PRE-ORDER NOW To be released on 31 August 2022

Her father had gone outside for a breath of fresh air when he saw her.

The top layer of the pan was frozen after the previous night. It cracked benath his feet and created fine spiderwebs as he walked. Carefully ever nearer to the red bicycle and the woman on her side, trapped halfway – exactly halfway – in the muddy ice.

The bicycle wasn’t hers, but the wedding dress was.

A week before her wedding Janien Steyn is found dead, grotesquely arranged on a bike in her wedding dress, with a long red bridal train in her wake, as if in mid flight. Retired policeman Jaap Reyneke asks Sarah Fourie, a hacker with a criminal record and zero social skills, to help solve the case. Janien was a successful artist and business woman, and on the point of marrying her university sweetheart. Was it suicide or murder? Why was her body arranged so carefully, almost artfully? And why did she wipe her computer’s memory so thoroughly before her death?