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Sandi and the Salty Sea Dogs

by Monique Fallows
ISBN: 9780637004480
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Three dogs, two humans, one boat. And a whole ocean of friends! Sandi, with an i not a y, and her two pups Brownie and Lucy have THE BEST life. They get to travel with their human parents all across the waters of False Bay. They make friends with:


• Penguins that sound just like donkeys

• A gannet that dives better than an Olympic swimmer

• Maaaany dolphins (who are part of a mega pod)

• And even a whale who blows a big hole in the sky Join these incredible dogs and read all about their WONDERFUL and EXCITING adventures on the ocean!


You can also learn some fun facts about the animals the dogs meet. This book is IDEAL for any one who cares about the ocean and its animals.