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Show Jumping Made Easy: The Way to Successful Show Jumping

by Clarissa L. Busch
ISBN: 9783861279075
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At some point, many riders will encounter the challenge of show jumping: to jump a course of fences in perfect harmony with your horse, measuring your skill against that of other riders - maybe even ending up in the placing. Success, however, does not just materialise from nowhere. This practical and thoughtfully illustrated book provides clear, precise advice on the necessary foundations for success, demonstrates what jumping training with progressive exercises looks like, and shows how typical difficulties can be overcome. Clarissa Busch is a riding instructor and well-known competition rider. In this book she not only imparts crucial insight to the training techniques of top show jumpers, but also offers many practical insider tips which will help prevent unnecessary errors. * It really is "made easy" - with expert text, and step-by-step illustrations. * In full colour throughout, with over 80 full colour photographs.