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The Signs in Love: An Interactive Cosmic Road Map to Finding Love That Lasts

by Little, Brown Book Group
ISBN: 9780349432816
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A unique spiritual and astrological guide to deepening your relationships and romantic connections - or finding the love of your life

We are each made of stardust, and understanding how the cosmos affects us provides critical insight into our lives, our well-being, and matters of the heart. Tune into these pages to find

* how each sign matches up with the others;
* the potential and challenges of each pairing;
* interactive journaling prompts;
* perspective into your past unions;
* a deeper understanding of your partnerships in romance, family, and friendship;
* what it looks like when a particular match flows well - or not so well.

Follow Carolyne Faulkner's Dynamic Astrology (TM) approach for a simple, tried-and-tested framework to the signs and planets that explains how harmonious each match is likely to be, as well as how to build a solid foundation for a forever love.