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Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times TPB

by Wordsworth Books
ISBN: 9781788175036
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Thorough, nuanced and substantive, and at the same time concise, breezy and easy to digest, Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times is chock full of instructions, guidelines, exercises, and recommendations. In challenging times (like the ones we're living in right now), spiritual practice isn't a luxury, it's an absolute necessity. Expert teacher Philip Goldberg offers a hands-on guide based on his decades of scholarship and practical experience, giving readers a wide range of tools and techniques - from meditation to cognitive reframing to 'spiritual space management' - to relieve their minds and refresh their souls. The book draws from authoritative texts and teachers from every spiritual tradition, especially the empirical methods of the yoga tradition. It also brings in contemporary experience, psychological insights and scientific research. In times when millions feel acute stress, anxiety and hopelessness, an effective spiritual practice is exactly what we all need.