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Step-by-step Yoga for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

by Francoise & Hall, Doriel Freedman
ISBN: 9780754828495
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This title features specially developed poses and exercises for all stages of pre-natal pregnancy and post-birth motherhood. Breathing techniques and relaxation sequences help you to nurture yourself and your growing baby, from conception to birth, and beyond. It includes exercises to help mothers recover from difficult or complex births, and special routines are given for both bottle and breast feeding. Postures gently help you develop or regain physical strength, tone muscles, relax, and bond with your baby. It features over 550 photographs clearly show how to perform the exercises, which are suitable for complete beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike. Yoga is the perfect exercise for pregnant and post-birth mothers. It is a gentle and safe means of keeping the body toned and supple, of alleviating aches and pains, and helping to maintain energy levels. Yoga exercises can also be helpful when trying to conceive. The prenatal section of this book adapts classic yoga postures to meet the special demands that are placed on the body, while breathing, movement and relaxation are combined for complete, holistic sequences. The postnatal sections focus on the six months after birth, strengthening the body, mind and spirit. There is also advice on nurturing yourself, how to relax whenever there's time, conserving energy and how to help build the special relationship of mother and child. Ideal for beginners to yoga, or those who are already experienced, this book offers help in every stage of pregnancy and early motherhood.