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Things Unseen (Paperback)

by Pamela Power
ISBN: 9780620718431
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A domestic thriller set in the upmarket Joburg suburb of Westcliff. When her mother is murdered in gruesome circumstances, Emma tries to uncover the facts of the tragedy. But soon the expensive facade of her suburban life is stripped and she is left to confront the nature of truth and trust.

Emma’s quietly unsatisfying suburban life is thrown into disarray when she finds her mother beaten to death, her knickers around her ankles, in the mansion Emma shares with her husband in Westcliff. Police believe it’s an open-and-shut case and peg the crime on Surprise, the immigrant gardener. But Emma is convinced they are wrong. The men in Emma’s life try to stop her asking questions: Rick, her philandering gynaecologist husband; Ross, her errant brother returned from Australia; and Craig, an ex-lover visiting from the UK who stirs long-buried feelings in her. Emma’s search for the truth reveals trust to be a fragile and elusive thing.