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Top 160 Superfoods

by Wordsworth Books
ISBN: 9781780192673
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This is a directory of power foods and their benefits shown in over 200 photographs. You can discover the powerful healing, cleansing and age-defying effects of nature's most nutrient-rich ingredients in this encyclopedic book. It includes a vivid and informative directory of 160 of the most nutrient-packed, energizing, detoxifying, immunity-strengthening, and performance-enhancing superfoods. It describes the special properties and dietary benefits of delicious, healthy ingredients from a wide range of food groups including fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, poultry, fish, herbs and spices, cereals and legumes. You can discover the powers of wheatgrass, beetroot, goji berries, seaweed, oily fish and miso, and the importance of including them in your diet. It includes helpful hints on storing and cooking techniques. In recent years our scientific knowledge of the health-enhancing properties of a wide range of nutritious ingredients has increased ten-fold, and with the stresses and demands of daily living, it has perhaps never been more important to take responsibility for the food we consume. This comprehensive health food directory is packed with easy-to-follow information on sourcing, preparing, cooking and storing superfoods, and using them in the kitchen. The visual detailed entries present the top superfoods - ranging from the humble carrot and apple to the more exotic goji berry and edamame bean - and gives information on their health-promoting nutrients and properties, including iron, mineral, calcium, vitamin and flavonoid content. With advice and tips on how best to use these power-packed ingredients, this book will help you to boost your health and vitality.