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White Eagles Over Serbia

by 20210617
ISBN: 9780571362431
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Lose yourself in this classic 1950s Cold War spy thriller tracking a British secret agent in Communist Serbia by the celebrated author of The Alexandria Quartet. 'A spell-binder ... A desperately exciting book.' (Daily Telegraph) 'Exceptionally well written and guaranteed [to] bring back memories of boyhood classics.' (Sunday Times) 'Vivid ... Beautiful descriptions ... Carries us expertly from one excitement to another.' (Punch) Colonel Methuen is a seasoned British secret agent, weary of espionage missions and desperately in need of a break - but he can't resist an assignment to investigate dirty dealings in the Balkans. A fellow British spy has been murdered in the remote mountains of Serbia by a guerrilla gang of underground royalists, the White Eagles - but when Methuen arrives, he soon finds himself in a life-and-death struggle, pursued by both the royalists and Communists alike ... Inspired by Lawrence Durrell's experiences in the British Foreign Office, White Eagles Over Serbia is a classic Cold War espionage thriller: a white-knuckle adventure perfect for fans of John le Carre and Graham Greene.