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White Hot

by Tricia Guild
ISBN: 9781844004959
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From the queen of color comes a book which explores the emotional power of color and how even the slightest change of shade can alter the feel of a room. When decorating our houses we make deliberate choices about what colors to use and where, but at the same time, we are also making unconscious decisions based on color. In "White Hot", Tricia Guild shows how we can develop an individual sense of color by observing and contemplating these decisions. The book is divided into eight chapters, each focusing on a different group of colors and is packed with inspirational photographs taken in a modern mews house, a period town house, two lofts and Tricia's own homes in Tuscany and London. The feature rooms contain a mix of whites and neutrals with occasional glimpses of intense color from slate grey, grape and lavender to chartreuse and aqua. Light, pattern, shape and, above all, texture all play their part and each image is carefully deconstructed to show the mix of materials and shades chosen.