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Wise About Waste: 150+ Ways to Help the Planet

by Helen Moffett
ISBN: 9781928257684
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An environment is the space that we live in, that shapes us. It's not a green space out there; lived in by rare animals and occasionally visited by the rich in search of recreation.

It is what surrounds us and gives us life.'How do we live more gently on our planet? Can we put a stop to the environmental disasters that loom larger every day? These burning questions are on everyone's mind. Wise About Waste addresses these urgent issues by providing a practical guide to reducing the waste we generate. Well-known author, academic and activist Helen Moffett looks at how we can all create less waste, and use resources more wisely.

She tackles plastic waste, energy waste, food waste, manufacturing waste and much more ; from homes to businesses, from immediate actions to long-term plans, there's a strategy for everyone. With over 150 practical tips and ideas, from the tiny and the quirky to the big and the dramatic, Wise About Waste can help us work towards waste-wise lifestyles. While there are tough questions and even tougher answers, these go hand-in-hand with reasons for hope and a good dash of humour.