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World Mythology: From Indigenous Tales to Classical Legends

by Tamsin Hughes
ISBN: 9781789503685
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'Mythology gives us a direct connection with our human lineage, taking us out of the bubble of our modern worlds and into a narrative where time is elastic.'

This wonderous encyclopaedia gathers together over 100 myths from across the globe, featuring Mesopotamian creation stories, Roman legends, Norse epics, indigenous tales and more. These abridged stories open a window into the ancient landscapes, histories and beliefs that make up our cultural inheritance. These retellings include:

* Asgard (Scandinavia)
* Bran the Blessed (Britain)
* Mount Olympus (Greece)
* Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Middle East)

Discover the roots of many recognisable characters, places and tales in each chapter. Made for easy reference, readers can thumb-through this illustrated treasure trove of parables, folktales and wonderful epics, derived from over 30 diverse cultures.