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ISBN: 9781526602435
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In this new book, Dr Emily Grossman explains even more of the world's most random, revolting and outright ridiculous science questions. Will sleeping with a cat on your head help get rid of dandruff? Do we really make better decisions if we need a wee? And, most importantly, how much of our DNA do we share with a banana? Covering a diverse range of key science topics, from human biology and animals and plants to the weather and space, Emily shows readers just how FUN science can be. Did you know there's a planet in our solar system where it actually rains diamonds? Imagine that! If you lived there, you'd always be picking them out of your hair, your pockets and probably your pants! Dr Emily also tackles Earth's BIGGEST problem: climate change. Through clear, sensitive explanations, Dr Emily unpacks what is actually happening to our Earth and what this means for both humans and wildlife - and what we can all do to help! Written by STEM ambassador and advocate for women in science Dr Emily Grossman, this book will make your eyebrows rise, your jaw drop and your brain FIZZ! Her first book Brain-fizzing Facts: Awesome Science Questions Answered has been shortlisted for the Teach Primary Book Awards 2020.