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Your Stars: What To Expect in 2018

by Rod Suskin
ISBN: 9781920601997
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Your Stars: What to Expect in 2018 is a fresh and vibrant astrological “year ahead” book with a distinctively local flavour.

Written by highly respected astrologist Rod Suskin, the book provides a monthly look ahead for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac with a general overview of the themes of the month, as well as a specific in-depth look at what’s happening on the personal and professional front.

The predictions focus on helping the reader understand the main issues monthly in 2018 while providing a strategy to be conscious of pitfalls and guidance towards a more favourable outcome. Your Stars targets a wide, cross-gender audience as it not only probes the usual relationship-focused sun signs, but also includes political and social forecasts, as well as looking at the performance of various national sports teams during 2018.

For those who may be sceptical about astrology, Rod Suskin includes a compelling introduction as a way to understand how and why this science works that will appeal and make sense to the twenty-first century reader.