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Book Club Recommendations For June

Book Club Recommendations For June

As winter sets in, passionate readers revel in the opportunity to delve into captivating tales while cooped up indoors over slipper season. 

Let Wordsworth guide you on your literary journey as we proudly present our selection of handpicked book recommendations for June. 

Within these pages, you will discover narratives that traverse diverse genres and titillate your imagination, offering a respite from the chill and inviting you into remarkable worlds. 

From spellbinding stories set against the backdrop of our rich history to thought-provoking stories that explore the intricacies of human existence, each recommendation is a gem waiting to be cherished. 

9 Ideas For Book Club

1. The Twelve Topsy-Turvy, Very Messy Days of Christmas (Paperback) by James Patterson, Tad Safran

The Twelve Topsy-Turvy, Very Messy Days of Christmas

Year after year, the Sullivan family—Will, Ella, and their father, Henry—firmly agree that Christmas is a holiday meant for others, not themselves since the passing of their mother. 

In their Harlem brownstone not a trace of Christmas paraphernalia can be found, no humming of carrols and guests are most definitely not invited. 

But destiny has different plans thanks to a fake dating profile. Against all odds, guests begin to arrive with gifts galore. Worst of all, they don't just come and go; they stay. 

As the Sullivans find themselves amidst twelve long, challenging, topsy-turvy, and incredibly messy days, they discover that those moments in life that defy hope, exceed expectations, and transcend imagination might just be the most extraordinary gifts of all.

This enchanting tale of love and family reminds you that the true magic of the holidays lies in the unexpected and joyous moments that unfold amidst the chaos. 

2. The Seven Moons of Malli Almeida (Paperback) by Shehan Karunatilaka

The Seven Moons of Malli Almeida

This satirical tale takes us back to 1980s Sri Lanka. The story revolves around Maali, a debauched protagonist who wakes up dead and dismembered at the beginning of the book. 

As it turns out, he is not hallucinating and is in fact dead, trapped in an underworld that resembles a mundane yet chaotic tax office. 

The afterlife is filled with dismembered souls, all struggling to fill out forms in an orderly fashion. Among them are victims of Sri Lanka's violent past, including those caught in the crossfire between the Tamil Tigers and the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna.

Maali, an itinerant, closet gay photographer with lofty ambitions, and a gambling problem  wants to expose the brutality of the conflicts that plagued his country. He has stored incriminating photos under his bed, and now he has only seven moons to retrieve them and share them throughout Colombo. 

Sardonic humour and vivid similes tackle the serious subject matter in this gripping page-turner. 

3. Blue Hour (Paperback) by Sarah Schmidt

Blue Hour

Step into the compelling world of "Blue Hour" as Sarah Schmidt masterfully intertwines the lives of Kitty and Eleanor, spanning decades and generations. 

In 1936, a headstrong Kitty escapes her suffocating upbringing, only to find herself entangled in a romance with soldier George Turner, haunted by her mother's warnings. 

Fast forward to 1973, and Eleanor grapples with the echoes of war and her embittered mother's presence, desperately seeking liberation.

Schmidt's exquisite prose paints a vivid portrait of the complexities of motherhood, the weight of secrets, and the longing for freedom. As the pages unfold, you'll be drawn into a web of intense emotions, the burdens of marriage, the scars of war, and the indelible mark left by family ties.

"Blue Hour" is a riveting and haunting tale that delves deep into the human psyche, leaving you breathless and yearning for more. 

4. An Angel's Demise (Paperback) by Sue Nyathi

An Angel's Demise

In the district of Somabhula, Southern Rhodesia, Belle Acresdairy farm is owned by Paul Williams, a harsh bigot who holds the livelihood of numerous black labourers in his hands. 

Amidst this backdrop, Maria, the daughter of one of the workers, joins the liberation movement. Consequently, she leaves behind her daughter, Angel, who is entrusted to the care of her mother and grandmother. These two women have faithfully served the Williams family for many years.

Growing up on the farm, Angel experiences two and a half momentous decades, witnessing the unfolding of a complex history and legacy that ultimately shapes the equally intricate present. "An Angel's Demise" follows the journey of a woman determined to discover her true identity and assert her independence.

However, in the process of self-discovery, she becomes wholly lost, realizing that sometimes one must be entirely uprooted before establishing a sense of self.

5. Yerba Buena (Paperback) by Nina Lacour

Yerba Buena

Discover the captivating debut adult novel "Yerba Buena" by Nina LaCour, an acclaimed YA author. Set on a star-crossed path, the book introduces Sara Foster, who fled her shattered world as a teenager, leaving behind trust and intimacy. 

In Los Angeles, she's a renowned bartender with a mystique surrounding her. Meanwhile, Emilie Dubois longs for the beauty and community her Creole grandparents cherished but struggles to commit to. 

Their lives intersect at the glamorous Yerba Buena, igniting an immediate connection. However, their damaged pasts and choices continuously drive them apart. 

As Sara's past catches up, disrupting her desires just as Emilie finds purpose, they must decide if their love can transcend their history. LaCour's "Yerba Buena" is a breathtaking odyssey of two women finding their way, exploring love, resilience, and personal growth. This timely novel delivers profound insights and leaves a lasting impact on readers' hearts.

6. After I Do (Paperback) by Taylor Jenkins Reid

After I Do

Lauren and Ryan‘s marriage teeters on the edge of collapse in Taylor Jenkins Reid's After I Do. In a brave move, they agree to a year-long break with a strict rule: no contact whatsoever. 

As Lauren grapples with the possibility of losing her marriage, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, challenging societal expectations and questioning her own desires.

Taylor Jenkins Reid's knack for creating flawed and relatable characters shines through in this tale which many can resonate with. Both Lauren and Ryan share blame for the unravelling of their relationship, showcasing the challenges of communication within a marriage.

In a heartfelt exploration of love, romance, and the harsh realities of everyday life, After I Do reminds us that sometimes love alone isn't enough.

Prepare to be moved by this thought-provoking story that captures the essence of modern relationships. Join Lauren and Ryan as they navigate the complexities of marriage and uncover what truly matters when the fairy tale fades.

7. Patience Is a Subtle Thief (Paperback) by Abi Ishola-Ayodeji

Patience Is a Subtle Thief

Hope and circumstance converge in a poignant tale set in 1990s Nigeria, where a young woman's quest for belonging leads her on a heart-wrenching adventure. In Patience Is a Subtle Thief, a promising voice in global literature delves into themes of love, loss, and the complexities of Nigerian life.

Patience Adewale, longing for love and answers about her mother's banishment, navigates a sheltered life within her family's mansion in Ibadan. 

As she moves to Lagos for university, unexpected reunions with her cousin Kash ignite a search for truth. Drawn into a perilous scheme with Kash and his friend Emeka, Patience's path unfolds with suspense and unforeseen consequences.

This evocative narrative captures the nuances of Nigerian existence, exposing the risks and sacrifices Patience faces on her precarious path to adulthood. Prepare to be immersed in a tale that explores the fragility of hope and the resilience required to follow one's heart.

8. The One You Want (Paperback) by Jennifer Ryan

The One You Want

In a world of scandal and secrets, weddings turn into battlegrounds and friendships hang by a thread. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey as New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ryan delivers a compelling novel packed with drama, passion, and shocking revelations.

In this gripping tale, Rose returns to her hometown of Carmel, California, to fulfil her duty as maid of honour for her lifelong friend Maggie. 

Little does Rose know that the groom-to-be is none other than Marc, the man she shared a disastrous but irresistible night with just one year ago. The weight of this secret threatens to tear Rose apart as she explores her growing connection with Gray, Marc's alluring best man and cousin.

As the wedding day approaches, Rose finds herself at a crossroads. Should she risk everything by confessing the truth to Maggie and Gray, potentially losing them forever? Or should she let the truth remain buried, risking her friend's happiness?

Prepare for a whirlwind of emotions, where loyalty, desire, and betrayal collide. Jennifer Ryan delivers a gripping narrative that will leave you questioning the choices we make when love is at stake. Get ready for a wedding gone wrong and a tale you won't be able to put down.

9. The Last Blue (Paperback) by Isla Morley

The Last Blue

Step into the captivating world of "The Last Blue," a spellbinding narrative that draws inspiration from the fascinating real case of "the Blue People of Kentucky." This luminous tale delves into the intricate realms of identity, love, and the complexities of family.

In 1937, a writer and photographer are sent by President Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration to explore the uncharted recesses of Appalachia. Photographer Clay Havens sees this assignment as his chance for career rejuvenation. 

Their encounter with Jubilee Buford, a woman with startling blue skin, leaves an indelible mark. The story unravels from this unlikely meeting, intertwining shades of betrayal, prejudice, fear, and courage with the incandescent hues of passion.

"The Last Blue" is an enchanting love story, a vivid portrait of uniqueness, and an exploration of the human spirit. Set against the rustic beauty of eastern Kentucky, it invites you to experience a world where boundaries blur and hearts are forever changed.

More Book Club Picks

June is the perfect time to gather with your book club and dive into captivating stories that warm the soul. At Wordsworth Store, a haven for book lovers, you'll find a wonderful selection of book recommendations that are bound to ignite spirited discussions and ignite your imagination.

If none of the recommended reads resonate with you, fear not. Wordsworth Store also boasts an array of new releases, eagerly waiting to be explored. 

Embrace the magic of shared stories, where endless possibilities await and the bonds of camaraderie are forged. 

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