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Booktok Recommendations: Best Books On TikTok

Booktok Recommendations: Best Books On TikTok

Calling all bookish babes! Are you looking for some next-level #BookTok recommendations? 

We've picked out 7 fire books from our BookTok recommendations list to add to your ‘to be read’ stack. Whether you're in the mood for some heart-fluttering love stories or a thrilling fairytale adventure, we've got you covered with all the best young adult fiction. 

Get ready to dive into some seriously addictive reads that'll make you forget about everything else. 

It's time to start scrolling and discover your next obsession. Trust us, these books will have you feeling ALL the emotions. Let's get this Booktok party started! 

7 Books Worth The Hype

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

The Atlas Six is an electrifying young adult novel that combines magical realism and fantasy to explore a range of themes, from ambition and morality to relationships and LGBTQ+ experiences.

Penned by Olivie Blake, a successful author of romance and fantasy novels, this book has skyrocketed to bestseller status since its publication in 2020. 

The story follows the journey of six talented magicians, each with their own unique abilities and past traumas, who are recruited by the mysterious Caretaker, Atlas Blakely, to train to be initiated into the Alexandrian Society. 

However, only five of the six will be accepted, and the group soon discovers that one of them must be eliminated. As they navigate alliances, conflicts, and external threats, the characters explore the depths of their powers and their relationships with one another. 

With intricate prose, literary allusions, and a reflective tone, The Atlas Six is a must-read for any young adult fantasy fan. 

A Not So Meet Cute by Meghan Quinn

A Not So Meet Cute By Meghan Quinn

From bestselling author Meghan Quinn comes the perfect rom-com that will make you fall in love with reading all over again! Inspired by Pretty Woman, this steamy and savvy novel is a must-read. 

Readers can't get enough, giving it rave reviews like "absolutely hilarious" and "smokin' hot". Follow Lottie and Huxley as they navigate a pretend relationship turned real, complete with a luxurious mansion and swanky business lunches. 

The sexual tension between them is gaga-gorgeous, and you won't be able to put this book down until you've devoured it at an alarming rate.

Meghan Quinn is an absolute queen when it comes to writing funny and heartwarming stories; this one is no exception. 

Don't let the cute cover fool you, this book is the perfect mix of steamy and sweet. Pick it up today and fall in love with Lottie and Huxley's story!

I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston

I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston

Chloe Green is a determined student at Willowgrove Christian Academy in Alabama, striving to win the title of valedictorian. Despite dealing with nosy classmates and an ultra-conservative administration, Chloe is focused on achieving her goal and beating her only rival, Shara Wheeler. However, just before graduation, Shara surprises Chloe with a kiss and then vanishes, leaving behind confusing notes. 

Chloe is determined to uncover the mystery, and she discovers that Shara has also kissed two other people: Smith, her quarterback boyfriend, and Rory, the town's bad boy.

Together, Chloe, Smith, and Rory work to solve the cryptic clues and find Shara before graduation. As they delve deeper into the mystery, Chloe realizes that there's more to this small town than meets the eye, and she wonders if there's more to Shara as well.

"I Kissed Shara Wheeler" by Casey McQuiston is a humorous and romantic novel that explores themes of breaking rules, getting messy, and finding love in unexpected places. Follow Chloe on her thrilling journey as she uncovers secrets and solves puzzles to track down Shara.

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera

In a world where Death-Cast predicts the end of every individual's life, "They Both Die at the End" by Adam Silvera takes readers on a heart-wrenching journey through the last day of two teenage boys - Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio. 

Set in a dystopian version of New York City, the novel explores the consequences of living in a world where death is not only inevitable but also predetermined.

As Mateo and Rufus are notified of their impending doom, they are determined to make the most of their final hours. They find solace in Last Friend, an app that pairs Deckers with companionship on their End Day. Through this app, they meet and embark on an epic adventure filled with intense emotions, close calls, and unforeseen twists and turns.

The novel deals with profound themes of mortality, friendship, and the beauty of human connection, all culminating in a grand finale that will leave readers speechless. 

"They Both Die at the End" is not just a book, it's a journey through life and death, a testament to the power of love, and a masterpiece of young adult science fiction. With accolades from the New York Times, School Library Journal, and Kirkus, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking unforgettable LGBTQ+ literature.

Now is the perfect time to get your hands on the book as Netflix has picked it up for a series adaption to be produced by Bridgerton creator Chris Van Dusen. (Yay!) 

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

November 9 is a heart-wrenching novel penned by the prolific Colleen Hoover that will leave you emotionally raw. This tale follows the story of Fallon O’Neil, a girl scarred both physically and emotionally, and Benton “Ben” James Kessler, a writer looking for inspiration. After meeting by chance, they agree to meet once a year, on November 9th, for the next five years in an experiment that will change their lives forever.

As their relationship develops, they block each other on social media and do not give each other their phone numbers, keeping things only between them. They also assign each other homework, with Ben reading five specific romance novels, and Fallon kissing four boys and going to one audition per week. As the years go by, they fall deeply in love, but tragedy strikes and their experiment is cut short.

The novel’s gripping plot, full of suspense and mystery, will keep you turning the pages, and its complex characters will stay with you long after you finish reading. This is a must-read for anyone looking for a heartwarming story about love, loss, and the power of forgiveness.

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas

In Sarah J. Maas' thrilling series, A Court of Thorns and Roses, readers are transported to a treacherous, magical land full of faeries and danger. 

The story follows Feyre Archeron, a fierce nineteen-year-old huntress who unknowingly kills a wolf in the woods, sparking a chain of events that leads to her capture by Tamlin, one of the immortal faeries who once ruled their world. However, Tamlin is no beast; rather, he is a lethal and enigmatic creature who dwells on a lavish estate that is as dangerous as it is beautiful.

As Feyre spends more time in the faerie lands of Prythian, she finds herself drawn to Tamlin, despite the warnings she's received about the faeries and their wicked ways. But as an ancient evil threatens to destroy the faerie world, Feyre must decide whether to risk everything to stop it and save Tamlin and his people.

Inspired by the Border ballad and retelling classic fairy tales such as Beauty and the Beast and Hades and Persephone with faerie lore, A Court of Thorns and Roses is a must-read for fans of fantasy and romance alike. 

With the announcement of a new TV series in development, fans can look forward to even more thrilling adventures in this captivating world.

But the story doesn't end there. Sarah J. Maas has also written five new books in the series, as well as several novellas. These new installments will delve deeper into the world of Prythian, exploring the stories of beloved characters.

House Of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland


House Of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland


Iris Hollow, a peculiar 17-year-old girl who has always felt like an outcast. She and her two older sisters share an unexplainable yet strikingly similar half-moon scar at the base of their throats, a constant reminder of something that happened in their childhood.

Iris has spent her teenage years trying to shake off the weirdness that follows her, but when her eldest sister Grey vanishes under suspicious circumstances, Iris's life takes a dark and twisted turn. Shadowy figures with horns start to stalk her, and a ghastly corpse plummets out of Grey's ceiling. To make things worse, Iris is plagued by strange and impossible memories that seem to be bubbling up to the surface.

Desperate to find her sister, Iris embarks on a dangerous journey to retrace Grey's footsteps and unravel the mystery of their past. However, the closer she gets to the truth, the more she realizes that her sister has been keeping a sinister secret from her.

As Iris peels back the layers of the past, she discovers that the answer lies in a shadowy and perilous world. Will she be able to rescue her sister and uncover the truth before it's too late?

Get Comfy, It’s Time To Read! 

Booktok has become an essential platform for readers and writers alike. It has allowed book lovers to share their favorite reads, connect with other book enthusiasts, and discover new stories that you might have missed otherwise.

At Wordsworth Bookstore we have recognized the power of this platform and have curated a collection of books recommended by Booktokkers. By doing so, we have made it easier for you to find trending books that you will love.

Whether you are a die-hard fan of young adult romance, a lover of science fiction, or someone who enjoys reading memoirs, Wordsworth Bookstore has something for you. 🫶📚✨

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